Autumn 2010

Has arrived and the boys are already catching quality fish on Innovate Baits, get on them now in readiness for the Winter, take a look and then browse our Shop.
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-004 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-001 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-005 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-003 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-002
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-006 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-007 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-008 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-012 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-013
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-014 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-015 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-009 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-011 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-016
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-017 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-018 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-019 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-020 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-021
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-022 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-023 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-024 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-025 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-026
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-027 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-028PR James Piggot with 47lb 12oz mirror caught on Innovate Baits 'Apocalyse' steamed rolled bait INNO-AUTUMN-2010-029 Oli Groom with 41lb mirror caught on Innovate Baits 'Squid 2T' steamed rolled baits
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-030PR INNO-AUTUMN-2010-031 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-032PR Oli Groom 38lb mirror on Innovate Baits 'Squid 2T' steamed rolled baits Oli Groom 46lb 5oz common on Innovate Baits 'Squid 2T' steamed rolled baits
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-033PR INNO-AUTUMN-2010-034 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-037 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-035 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-036
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-038 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-039 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-040 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-041 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-042
INNO-AUTUMN-2010-047 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-048 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-049 Kerry Woolard with a 55lb Sturgeon taken on Squid 2T whilst on a trip to France INNO-AUTUMN-2010-050
Kerry with a selection of 30's she has taken on Squid 2T in the Autumn 2010 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-052 INNO-AUTUMN-2010-053