Autumn 2011

Another Autumn season begins and the anglers who took the step to use Innovate Baits for this years campaign are already catching some quality fish, at home and abroad. Still time to order some bait from our store and get amongst some quality fish yourself!
37lb mirror on Kream Krunch from Ringstead for James Piggott! Mark Harris with a new PB of 31lb 14oz on Innovate Squid 2T Steve Slater - With The Football.....this fish had gone missing until he had it nudging 32lb...caught on The Fix The fat common......caught on the Reaper on test. The Scalley mirror.....very sought after fish.........caught on The Fix
Belgian tester Stefke with a 40lb mirror on Squid-2T! Jared Cooper with a 29lb 14oz mirror on Squid2T from North mMet Jared with a 32lb 14oz common on Squid2T from North Met Daryl Cooper with TYSON from the North Met at 40lb 6oz caught on Squid2T tipped with S2T flavour fake corn!... No stopping these lads, Daryl again with a 30lb 5oz mirror from North Met on Squid2T tipped with S2T flavoured fake corn!
Joe Palfry with 31lb 15oz leather on The Fix Kerry Woolard with a 27lb 9oz common -on  Innovates The Fix Kerry again with a cracking 31lb 3oz common on The Fix Kerry with 27lb 3oz common again taken on Innovates The Fix Dave Procter doing the business - 26lb 8oz testing the Reaper on the Handle Mid-Kents
Belgian Consultant Stefke took this stonking 40lb common from a tough canal venue on Apocalypse! The-Lady-KK-Promo Steve Barr with the Lady at 56lb 10oz on Kream Krunch Steve Barr with The Rhino at 48lb on Kream Krunch The-Rhino-KK-Promo
Mario d Angelo - 35lb 13oz mirror from a Cambs lake on the Kriller Joe Palfry with a 51lb fish on the unstoppable Squid 2T from  French lake Kerry Woolard with a cracking 43lber on Squid 2T fishing in France Steve Barr  with a pristine 41.14 on Kream Krunch from Ringstead - seems there is no stopping Steve or the KK! Nathan Tabor...caught this 44lb 4oz on a pink Hairaiser over S2T bottoms!
Innovates Steve Slater with the Brown Fish at 31lb 8oz caught on the Fix Steve again with second 30lber of the session Suicide at 38lb 1oz caught on the Fix again Little Chris who fished with Steve topped the session off at 3 30's....The Small Grey at 32lb 8oz on the Fix again Paul Cherry with a cracking 30.02 mirror taken from a Cambridge lake on Innovates unstoppable bait - the 'Fix" Some session this for Dave Procter!....7 upper 20s 3 low 20s 3 upper doubles....all on the REAPER on test!
Dave Proctor with another of his great catch on the Innovate Reaper - due out on sale in 2012 Nathan Tabor with the second of his 40lb brace another unknown fish...caught on S2T Nathan with one of the 6x30s on Innovate Baits S2T Nathan and another 30...caught on haul in a remarkable session... 2x40s, 6x30s to 37lb and numerous 20s...... 36lb 8oz common for Simon Penn on the Kream Krunch!
54lb for Mark Harris on s2t....awesome! French-54lb-S2T-Promo Mark Harris on s2t. again... with a 40lber Mark Harris on s2t. again... 35lb plus common for Dave this session Dave took 2 x 30s 14 x 20s and 2 doubles all on the up to its name ........ lol.
34lb plus mirror for Dave Procter on the Reaper again Dave with one more of hos epic catch of fish on the Reaper... due to go on sale in 2012 Steve Barr with Petal's on the Kream Krunch at 38lb 11ozs, no stopping Steve or the KK, a winning combination.... Petals-KK Promo Mark Laurence with the 'Spacehopper' at over 44lb .... English PB and lake record from Willow Lake at Fenland fisheries and caught on Squid-2T.
Simon Penn with a cracking 31lb 15oz common....caught on cmc jaffas..... Simon again with this pristine linear at 34lb 14oz....caught on cmc jaffas Steve Barr with another big fish on Kream Krunch, this one at 44lb, seems there is absolutely no stopping Steve or the KK at the moment Belgian Consultant Stefke took this cracking French mirror taken on the Fix Belgian Consultant Stefke took this big mirror from a tough canal venue on Apocalypse!