Autumn 2013

Summer comes to an abrupt end and its looking like Autumn is coming early with the strong winds and plenty of wet weather already. Also looks like those starting on their Autumn/Winter campaigns are already getting into some nice fish. Thought about what bait you will fish this year - get on Innovate and get a proper result!!!
Jared Cooper chose the unstoppable Innovate Squid 2T for his Autumn campaign and has been hauling from the start -the Italian at 38lb being one of his big fish.... Matt Curren had a dream 90 minute session,taking these 3 mirrors all 20s up to 28 + from a canal in Kent.....The Fix doing the business! Squid2T continues to dominate Crete Lakes in France with these super fish for Joe and Stuart - Joe Palfry here with a cracking 48lb 12oz Joe agian with another 40 on S2T Stuart Holton with a superb 47lb + a new PB
Stuart Holton with an upper 30 which was a shortlived PB Stuart with another 40 on S2T Ben Carr with scraper 40lb common on Kream Krunch 30lb + for Barry Laurence on S2T Scraper 30 for Barry again...1 of 3 from Greenacres on S2T
Steve Sewel with a scraper 30 from his syndicate on S2T A 45lb + taken from Crete lakes on S2Tagain One of two 30's for Carl Aylott on Kream Krunch Second of two 30's on a session for Carl Aylott on Kream Krunch Innovate baits in Hungary...S2T doing the business.
Allan Sharp..a fine upper 20 on S2T...1 of several from Manor Farm Fisheries. Scraper 40lb common for Ethan Thomas on Kream Krunch Sam Yaffe 32lb on S2T Owen Thompson 32lb on Kream Krunch  had 6 x 20 plusses as well Consultant Jared Cooper continues his mega season with the floppy tailed linear at 31lb+ taken on S2T topped with Banarama pops...
Jared Cooper and Red Scale at 39lb 8oz taken on S2T topped with Banarama pops... Jared keeps on with a fabulous Autumn campaign with the Italian at 38lb on Squid2T Steve Sewel with a cracking 33lb+ of many fish Steve has taken recently on S2T! This 31lb mirror is Matts 21st fish from his canal this season..the bait The FIX topped with Banarama Matt Curran again with another cracker from his canal 28lb....caught on the ever productive FIX
Belgium man Stef.....40lb+ taken on SQUID-2T. Belgium man Stef.....with another 40lb+ taken on SQUID-2T. Stef again with a cracking 30lb+ ghostie...taken on SQUID-2T Matt Curren again, thought he would try S2T on a local lake and had biggest fish out first night....scraper 30. Ben Webb WITH A GREAT 54lber caught on Kream Krunch!