Autumn 2014

September brings in another Autumn for the team at Innovate and as such its time to start the Autumn Photo Gallery. Some cracking fish often come at this time of the year as the fish get less pressured, natural feed reduces and the carp start to rely on bait to a greater degree. Time then to get them started on a food supply for the Winter to come and get a few great fish in the net.
Procs 33lb common on S2T Procs   38lb mirror Kream Krunch Darren Clark stunning mirror on Kream Krunch Ashley Hopkin 32lb common on Kream Krunch The 'Boss' with an upper 20 common on CMC pop-up
and again upper 20+ beauty on Pinky Barrell pop-up 2 x 30s for Carl Aylott....Kream Krunch doing the damage. INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-008 Danny Hodgson with a stonking 43lb + on the Reaper...... Danny and an upper 20 .. on the Reaper agai.......
A 40lb 4oz lake record from a Northern water for Matt....Squid-2T Nathan with a mid 20 ghostie on S2t Procs  with a 30 part of yet another multiple hit from the Lydd on Kream Krunch LJs Steve Knight 36lb PB on Apocalypse Yorkie with a yateley  20lb plus  on the FIX
Yorkie with a Yateley 30lb common on the FIX Pauls 50lb 10oz lump....the biggest of an 18 fish haul on The FIX. Here is Paul Munro with a 46lb plus on The Fix Jared Copper has a mega day with multiple catch of great fish, with Squid2T and Kream Krunch doing the damage - Baby Baz at 46lb 10ozs Jared with Gristle at 37lb 2ozs
Jared with a run of other 30lb plus fish on the same bait mix from the same session INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-030 INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-029 Procs with another upper 30 taken on Kream Krunch Mark Laurence with 3 mid thirties part of a big haul from Crete lakes on S2T
INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-026 INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-025 John Laurence 49lb 8oz on S2T Hairaiser Sewelsy incredible season goes on. fish of 43lb, 42LB + and numerous  30s falling to the Kream Krunch 42LB +
numerous  30s falling to the Kream Krunch INNOVATE-AUTUMN-2014-020 Tony the Tooth with another Historic fish...One Pec at 32lb from Richmond Park small pen...caught after 5 minutes on first session, as always Kream Krunch doing it Ben Webb  with a 59 lb plus lump taken on the Kream Krunch