Spring 2012

Spring 2012 has arrived and those in the 'know' are getting on to Innovate Baits early and have got their early season campaigns undeway. Some cracking carp and barbel already, with the Innovate Baits barbel consultants having caught a few good fish up to close of the river season the new bait being released at the start of the new rivers season in June. If you want a chance this Spring might be wise to get on the right baits, Innovate Baits soon!
Richard Smith with early Spring 40lb plus fish on Kream Krunch B+ from a Northants syndicte Darren Lamey with cracking 26lb plus fully scaled mirror on Kream Krunch Fin perfect 28lb 14oz mirror for Simon Penn caught on a white jaffa/ Kream Krunch snowman Barbel consultant Mike Bachini with a 13lb plus fish,Mike also had another 8lber and a 5lb chub whilst testing the new Innovate Baits barbel bait Mark Miller first time out in 2012 and managed to catch this lovely 25lb 4oz mirror
If you fancy some of this type of action either visit our online store and order some today or ask your local tackleshop to order some for sale locally! One of a pair of upper 20s for Paul Dyson on Apocalypse ....finishing the season as top rod on his cambs syndicate - 24lb 8oz common Paul Dyson with the second fish - a mirror is 27lb 10oz on Apocalypse 45lb common for Steve Wickens on Kream Krunch Cracking 50lb+ mirror for Doug Matthews on Kream Krunch on a trip to Sky Lakes
37lb mirror for Richard Mitchell on Squid 2T and pinkie snowman!!! 30lb plus mirror from Ashmire for Mark Harris....on S2T!!!! Belguim consultant Stefke took thi 30lb+ mirror on S2T in session Stefke with a mid 30lb common on SquidS2T Stefke with a 40lb+ common PB taken in this session on Squid2T again
32lb 8oz was the biggest of four 20lb plus fish taken by Mark Lawrence on Squid-2T INNO-SPRING-2012-016 44lb 7oz....part of a great haul that included 5 fish over 38lb by consultant Tony Atkins...again S2T out fishing every other bait on the lake! Tony Atkins...S2T again with this cracking 39lb common from his great session Ben Webb with a cracking mirror at 31lb. Caught  both on Squid2T.
Ben Webb with a cracking 33lb common, again taken on Squid2T Dean Simpson - 51lb 12oz from Sky lakes.....3 days blanking using another companies bait, switched to Kream Krunch and had this within 3 hours....says it all really lol Rob Underwood with a super 44lb common He beat his Pb 3 times on this trip with a superb 24 fish hit....S2T completely outfishing everything else once again! Rob Underwood with a whacking 48lb common. INNO-SPRING-2012-024
Rob Underwood again on the Squid2T with a 41lb mirror Nathan Tabor with a cracking 47lb 12oz mirror from Sky Lakes on Kream Krunch jaffa Nathan Tabor with a 30lb plus common from Sky Lakes again on the Kream Krunch jaffa A 48lber for Mel Rumbles, part of a 9 fish on Apocalypse. Dave Procter has had a terrific start on his new target water...the tricky Lydd in Kent...1st 2 sessions producing 6 fish up to 35lb 10oz ...bait...The Fix!
Martin Aston with a new PB...from Yeomans lake...27lb on Kream Krunch pop-up! 27lber for Ian Burrows on Kream Krunch! First of 2 30s on the Reaper for Allan Sharp Second of 2 30s on the Reaper for Allan Sharp Pics from Chris Mardlins mega session on Crete Lakes 1....fishing with the 'FIX' tipped with various Hairaisers!...Chris was top rod by miles over the whole complex....31 fish in total!
Chris with a Crete lakes 40lb+ Chris with a Crete lakes 40lb+ Chris Mardlins with a mega 50lb 4oz Crete Lakes mirror on The Fix....Mega fish! Chris with a Crete lakes 40lb+ Chris with a Crete lakes 40lb+
Doug Mathews with a  40+ from Abbey Lakes France, part of a great haul on Kream Krunch! Doug Mathews with another of his 40s from Abbey Lakes again on Kream Krunch! Steve Barr at Le Quis 49lber Squid-2T bottoms A great week for Steve Barr at Le Quis ....capped by a 53lb plus ....16 fish in total on Squid-2T bottoms...lost 6 in the snags as well! Steve Barr at Le Quis 42lb Squid-2T bottoms
A 30lber for Steve Sewel...first session on his new syndicate...bait the Reaper! A 24lber for Steve Sewel on the Reaper again Consultant Dave Procter once again upping his Pb with this 43lb plus stunner from a Southern stillwater.....taken on the FIX tipped with CMC whites  enhanced with Garlic oil....job done!!!! 3 stunning carp here for Westy Westcott...all with their curtains intact...from an un-disclosed water where the Innovate team were allowed access!  Scraper 30lber falling to S2t Pinkies over s2t! Westy Westcott upper 20lb+ falling to S2t Pinkies over s2t!
Westy Westcott ....then 2 upper 20lb+ falling to S2t Pinkies over s2t! Rich Mitchells stunning 42lb 8oz mirror from a private northen water, part of a mega haul which included 5 other 30lb+ fish and 4x 20s..all falling to S2T Pinkies over S2T!