Spring 2013

Spring has yet to fully blossom this year, with unseasonally cold, snowy weather, but our anglers are on the case and catching despite this - time for those preparing for their carp campaigns to ponder what bait to be on - don't despair its here at Innovate Baits - it works 365 days a year in every season Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - Get On It!
Springs finally here - get on the seasons's super bait S2T Andy with another of his mega haul ON S2T Andy with a 49lb plus fish taken on S2T...andy took 4 x 40s and 3 x 30s on his session! Andy with another fish from his session on S2T Two 28lb plus fish for that man Ben Carr, taken on a quick overnighter on the Kream Krunch
Ben with his second 28lb fish, he can do no wrong at the moment on the Kream Krunch! Cracking 30lb plus common on S2T for Ben Webb... Simon Loveridge with a 33lb plus taken on S2T pops. Shane Welch with a couple of old stunners taken on Kream Krunch gluggers. Shane Welch-Kream Krunch gluggers.
Sky Lake 50lb common on Innovate Baits Sky Lake 54lb fish on Innovate Baits Sky Lake 53lb two tone on Innovate Baits Mark Laurence with an upper 20 from Fenland fisheries on Squid-2T - nice Innovate hoody too Karl Aylot with a 41lb carp from a Secret Cambs water...one of 31 fish taken over the past few weeks on S2T.
Karl with a stunning 30 plus! Karl with another stunner on the S2T! Nathan Tabor with an old english stunner taken on S2T! A mid-40 for Barry,part of a mega haul from Crete Lakes on S2T Another 40 plus for Barry!
Ian Burrows with a 40 plus,part of a great hit from Crete Lakes on S2T! Mark Laurence with part of a multiple hit from Fenland Fisheries on S2T Another stunner for that man Mark....S2T again! Mark Harris with 43lb+ fish part of a great haul of carp on S2T! Mark Harris with another big fish from his mega catch at 46lb+ on S2T
Mark Harris with the top fish of his mega catch at 53lb again on the S2T! Pete Housden with Jagger at 57lb 2oz...caught on Kream Krunch from Sky lakes! Ben Carr with the biggest of a 5 fish haul...33lb 14oz, all taken on CMC's over Kream Krunch chops!