Spring 2014

Spring 2014 has arrived and those in the 'know' are getting on to Innovate Baits early and have got their early season campaigns undeway. Some cracking carp and barbel already, with the Innovate Baits barbel consultants having caught a few good fish up to close of the river season the new bait being released at the start of the new rivers season in June. If you want a chance this Spring might be wise to get on the right baits, Innovate Baits soon!
Don't forget to keep an eye on the Innovate Baits TV Channel or find out more day to day what's getting caught by visiting the Innovate Baits Facebook page........ Vincent Greenway  26lb common All part of a great hit at Catch 22 Lake on Innovate Baits Vincent greenway  29lb common Neil James 29lb common All part of an 11 fish hit on Kream krunch liver and jaffa Neil James 31lb 8oz common
Chris Kearny with a new PB at 36lb 8oz...taken on CMC Jaffa pops Innovate Baits means stunning fish...Karl Aylott with another on Kream Krunch Mark Harraway 1 of many from his Syndicate on Krean Krunch Lee Walker a 3 plus on Kream Krunch Lee Walker a 29lb plus on Kream Krunch
Steve Sewel  two mid 20 mirrors from Farlows on Kream Krunch INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-011 Steve Sewel on a good run with 3 taken on Banarama pops INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-013 INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-014
Oli Groom with a lovely mirror taken on Kream Krunch Casper at 32lb 12oz  taken on the Squid-2T Butt Head at 30lb 8oz again on Squid-2T Matt Curren is amongst the Canal 30s again...this one falling to a Kream Krunch-Fix combo Cheshire based consultant Brian Roberts enjoyed a busy over nighter, banking this 30+ as well as 4 20s and 3 doubles...Squid-2T doing the business
INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-021 INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-020 John Flewin with a 39lb 14oz common taken on Banarama pop-up over Kream Krunch Steve Sewel  32 lb  taken on Kream Krunch Tony "the tooth" with 1 of 3 taken from Yateley...this one went 32lb 12oz....all on Kream Krunch
Rich Bachini with a 30lb plus common taken on Squid-2T Mid-Kent rod Bob Thompson had the best session of his life..his words. In the space of a few hours landing fish of 29lb and 3 x 30+ on Kream Krunch LJ Specials. Mid-Kent rod Bob Thompson Mid-Kent rod Bob Thompson Mid-Kent rod Bob Thompson
1 of 8 fish for young consultant Jack De"ath on an over nighter at Brasenose...kream krunch and CMC pops the winning bait! Consultant Matt Curren is still doing the business...The Fix topped with Banarama pops accounted for a 30lb plus mirror and upper 20 common. INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-034 INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-035 2 more beautys for Kent rod Matt Curren.....Fix-Kream Krunch combo this time.
INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-032 Matt Curren Doing more top angling on the Fix INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-037 INNOVATE-SPRING-2014-038 A 46+ caught on Kream Krunch LJ Specials again from an undisclosed Cambs water by Dave Aylott.
Consultant "Procs" has nailed his target fish from the rock hard Lydd the "Pretty one" at over 41lb on a CMC Jaffa Hairaiser Procs with a 41lb and 39lb brace on the Fix Tony the Tooth with a 34lb plus from Yateley on the Kream Krunch Paul Kersey with a 61lb plus on S2T Jason Rust with a Pb 39lb plus common on Kream Krunch
Ian Burrows with a 43lb 8oz on s2t Webby with a 42lb 8oz mirror taken on Kream Krunch. Barry Kersey with a 48lb plus on S2T That man Jared "coops" Cooper is at it again....3 x 30 pluses from the North Met....taken on Squid-2T! "coops" North Met....taken on Squid-2T!
"coops" North Met....taken on Squid-2T!