Spring 2015

Spring 2015 has arrived and those in the 'know' are getting on to Innovate Baits early and have got their early season campaigns undeway. Some cracking carp already. If you want a chance this Spring it might be wise to get on the right baits, get on Innovate Baits soon!
Tooth with a Richmond park mid 20 on s2t Steve Sewel 32lb kk and cmc pops Nathan 33lb  s2t Josep from Spain with a 44lber taken on Kriller John Flwein  upper 20 on CR1
A 32lb+ PB  on CR1 John Flewin  upper 20 on CR1 Ethan with a 30lb+ on a cmc popup over CR1 Neil James with a 48lb 12oz from his synicate   liver and jaffa Matt with a 37lb and 31lber on s2t
INNO-SPRING-2015-011 Darren Howes with a 37lb plus...s2t George with a 55lb plus and scrapper 50....s2t INNO-SPRING-2015-014 George again with a double take..s2t