Summer 2012

After a long wet Spring period, Summer has finally arrived and as the warm weather gets the fish feeding again Innovate Baits are starting to take some cracking fish again. These fish are from both home and abroad as the Innovate reputation is spreads further across across the globe. Top Tip- Be ahead of the rest get on some yourself!
Kream Krunch still rules on Sky Lakes with 50lb + for Paul Harris - get some for yourself! Mark Sturge with the biggest of a 19 fish hit on Sky Lake......69lb 8oz  on Innovate Baits Kream Krunch! Dutch Consultant Stefke Baekelandt with a pristine 30lb+ common caught on an Innovate Special Blend Stefke with anoher cracking 30lb+ common again on the Innovate Special Blend popped up Some stunning looking carp taken by Pete Housden 23lb 2oz on his local syndicate water....all on Kream Krunch!
Pete Housden 23lb 14oz Kream Krunch! Pete Housden 27lb 2oz Kream Krunch! Pete Housden 21lb Kream Krunch! Paul Harris....with his Sky Lake pb 50lb 4oz mirror on the fabulous Kream Krunch Paul Harris....with his Sky Lake 48lb+ mirror on the Kream Krunch
Paul Harris....with another Sky Lake 40lb+ mirror on the fabulous Kream Krunch Mel Rumbles with a 59lb fish one from a super catch from a trip to France on Apocalypse Simon Penn with a 29lb plus ghostie...on S2T Hairaiser which he has dedicated to a lost friend "RIP Jake Crawford 1991-2012" Simon Penn with a common of 21lb on Kream Krunch Martyn Skinner...with Wilson at 49lb plus from Sky lakes....part of a 16 fish hit on Kream Krunch!!!
Another cracker for Martyn...41lb 8oz and again on Kream Krunch!!!!! Big fish catching machine Dave Procter continues to dominate his new target water in Mid-Kent using the Fix tipped with CMC Garlic whites....37lb mirror Dave Procter again with a pristine 34lb common on the Fix! Paul Dyson gets his river campaign of to a great start with this 27lb plus common taken on Apocalypse. This 54lb 4oz lump was the biggest of a 27 fish hit for John Smith from Crete Lakes...bait Apocalypse!
Mark Laurence with a 35lb common taken from Greenacres on Squid-2t! John Laurence this time with a PB common of 32lb plus,again from Green-acres on S2T! Consultant James Piggott is doing the business once again on Kream Krunch...35lb 10oz 31lb 4oz this time for James on the Kream Krunch! Another mid 30 for Consultant James and yet again on the Kream Krunch!
Consultant Brian Roberts had a fab first session on Chad Lake, home of Black-Eye. After nailing the 30lb+ fully scaled and a back up 26lber Brian then netted this, the Red Fish at 43lb 8oz. The record breaking S2T doing the damage once again! Tom Stimson with a  Fenland Fisheries new lake record and PB. Space Hopper at 45lb+ one of 4 taken on S2T! Sam Yaffe with a new PB, Frisbee at 40lb 4oz, again S2T leading to its downfall! Pete Housden with a 50lb+ cat taken on S2T,backed up by carp to 26lb.... Sky Lakes Rob with a stunning 69lb 12oz mirror.....Innovate CMC Hairaisers doing the business! Innovate Baits again proving to be the ultimate big fish catchers!
Rob, again with another Sky Lakes stunning 53lb common taken, again on CMC Hairaisers.... Simon Penn with a 37lb 14oz fish taken on S2T Hairaisers!! Mark again.....this one was nudging 50 and came out to the Kream Krunch!!! Mark Sturge again...this time with the "Y" fish at 53lb 14oz....again on Kream Krunch! Mark Sturge with the biggest of a 19 fish hit on Sky Lake......69lb 8oz  on Innovate Baits Kream Krunch!
Doug Matthews with a 48lb plus from Island lake in France, part of a great hit where Squid2T outfished all the competition once again!!!! Doug Matthews with another whacker from Island lake  on Squid2T again! Doug Matthews with another whacker from Island lake  on Squid2T again! Consultant James Piggott still doing the business on Kream Krunch...33lb 14oz Ghostie Common Mel Rumbles..... with a 56lb plus grassie taken on Apocalypse
Karl Aylott with a stunning 38lb common, taken from a Cambs pit on S2T Karl again, continuing his fine run with a cracking mid-30, again taken on S2t. Ben Webb with a cracking 34lb 12oz taken from his syndicate on Kream Krunch! Ben Webb with a cracking 30lb 8oz taken again on Kream Krunch!. Another Innovate angler having the season off his life, Paul Dyson with the much sought after 3 scale at over 33lb taken on Apocalypse!
Innovates Rich Mitchell is certainly having a red letter season,this cracker tipped the scales at 40lb 8oz, Rich also banked a brace of mid-20s in the session,the bait S2T Pinkies over S2T. Jarred Cooper is amongst the A Team on the North Met..........Moonscale at over 39lb both taken on an S2t and Banarama combo!!! Jarred Cooper  on the North Met......the long common at 36lb plus on S2T again Ollie Groom with a 36lb plus taken on S2T......Ollie had 2 other 30s and 2 20s in the same session Ollie Groom continues his quest for 20 different english 40s.....his latest being this 48lb plus from an un-disclosed midlands water.....the bait was again S2T as with his previous 9 x 40s
Stuart Bennet with a 25lber taken on Kream Krunch Banarama Innovate Consultant Tony "The Tooth" Atkins with a 29lb 4oz common taken on a Kream Krunch Hairaiser. Jared Coopers fine run on the North Met continues....this time its Baby Basil at 38lb 8oz taken on the S2T flavoured Enterprise Tackle fake corn over S2T... Jared banked a 28lber in the same session! Daryl Cooper is back in the fish with this 30lb 8oz North Met fish on Squid-2t. Garry Elder topped a fine week at Sky Lakes with Jaggar at 50lb.....The bait Kream Krunch Jaffa!
Lee Webb with PB Mirror of 31lb 10oz taken from Gingerbread on The FIX and a couple of little crackers caught earlier........