Summer 2013

After an even longer cold wet Spring period than 2012, Summer has finally arrived and as the warm weather gets the fish feeding again anglers using the excellent Innovate Baits are starting to take some cracking fish again. These fish are from both home and abroad as the Innovate reputation is spreads further across across the globe. Top Tip- Be ahead of the rest get on some yourself!
The Summer Super Bait from Innovate Baits - Kream Krunch - all these fish are the testimony to this baits power to attract even the most wary and shy fish everywhere - Get on it today and share in the success!!! 40lber from Revs on Kream Krunch...Revs had 3 x 30s and 15 x 20s in the same session on his syndicate. 30lb+ from the haul on KK Revs with 30lb+ from this mega haul on the KK this one being his 150th 30lber, caught on his birthday!!! 3rd 30lb+ from Rev's great session on the Kream Krunch
One here for the archives. This fish is called Maddona.... a rarely caught fish ,once went missing for 10 years.. Tempted out of hiding again by an Innovate bait...... Madonna is the 3rd oldest carp in the country at over 55 years old, with paperwork to back it up, taken on a CMC Hairaiser over Kream Krunch by Tony The Tooth! Steve Slater with some of the fish from his 20 fish haul from Sky Lakes - 51lb+ on Kream Krunch Steve with a Sky 40lb 4oz Steve with a Sky 45lb+
Steve with a Sky 44lb 8oz Steve with a Sky 43lb+ grassie Steve with a Sky 41lb+ Steve with a Sky 40lb+ all the fish falling to CMC Jaffa pop-ups over the infamous Sky Lakes fish catcher - Kream Krunch Jared Cooper with the Pretty One  at 44lb taken on CMC Jaffa's over Kream Krunch
That man Dave Proctor in serious action again with a run of 40's on CMC Jaffa's over Kream Krunch Proc's with another 40+ on CMC Jaffa's over Kream Krunch Proc's with another 40+ on CMC Jaffa's over Kream Krunch Paul Dyson with part of a multiple hit on Kream Krunch... from Farlows Lake Matt Curren with a nice common carp caught from a Kent canal.... bait The Fix
Matt Curren with a cracking 34lb plus carp caught from a Kent canal... bait The Fix. Ben Carr with another cracker from his syndicate caught on kream krunch! a beauty for Ben Webb from a private water...41lb 2oz caught on Kream Krunch! Yet another 30 plus for Karl on the Kream Krunch! Simon Loveridge with Frisbee at 40lb 12oz from Willow lake Fenland Fisheries, caught on suprise there!
Simon Loveridge with his 5th fish  of the session a 33lb 12oz,,,,S2T doing some serious damage once again at Fenland Fisheries. Belguim consultant Stefke with a 41lb common taken from a canal on S2T. With other local anglers struggling Stefke remains consistant! Stefke again, this time with a stunning canal caught 30lb plus...bait Apocalypse! Stuart Walker with a upper 40 common on S2t Ant Pearson with  a huge 61lb grassie on S2Twhites
Jack Long with a PB common mid-20  caught on a S2T pinky Jack D'eath with a previously uncaught 54lb+ stunner on Kream Krunch Paul Tittering with a 45lb plus on S2T Consultant Jared Cooper with another North Met lump,Tyson at 38lb 8oz...taken on S2T! Look at that tail on 'Tyson' - proper 'beet shovel'.....
Innovate Baits means stunning fish...Karl Aylott with another 30 caught on kream krunch, his 65th fish on the bait from his private water!