Summer 2014

Summer has finally arrived in date terms and as the warm weather gets the fish feeding again anglers using the excellent Innovate Baits are starting to some big fish action again. These fish are from both home and abroad as the Innovate reputation continues its spread across the globe. Top Tip- Be ahead of the rest get on some Innovate Baits yourself!
Get some on the Summer Super Bait and get yourself a PB before the Summer ends.... You know it makes sense... The 'boss' starts the Summer gallery rolling... Upper 20 for Big Chris.... Martin Longdon with a new pb of 27lb plus taken on the Fix. Martin is enjoying some great catches on his new syndicate. Terry Glasgow with a new lake record at 43lb plus...taken on s2t.
33lb  on Squid 2T for Steve 35lb 8oz Squid 2T ....35lb 4oz Squid 2T Mark with 1st of 3 thirties....30lb 8oz Squid 2T 2nd 30 for Mark at 31lb 8oz on Squid 2T
32lb from a mega session for Mark on Squid 2T Three lovely fish for Northern rod Andy on Squid 2T. 30lb+ for Andy on Squid 2T INNO-SUMMER-2014-013 Get on this TOP Summer bait today.......
Graig Mourian  with cluster at 35lb and the Syco..... S2T doing the business. Graig with the usual S2T doing the business. Andy Redfearn with another target fish taken on the S2T Couple of 30s for consultant Jared Cooper.... The 'infamous' Squid 2T and Banarama doing the
Craig Mournian with Baby Baz at 36lb 4oz on S2T Craig Mournian with Two Tone footballer at 28lb+ on S2T Sewelsy with a 38lb 8oz  taken on CMC pops over Kream Krunch... Sewelsy with a 29lb plus taken on CMC pops over Kream Krunch... Revs with a 40lb plus mirror...just one of 33 carp taken in the last 4 sessions on "APOCALYPSE"
'Webby' with a stunning 31lber on the Kream Krunch Neil James with RASTA at 37lb+....taken within 2 hours on first session on new water...Apocalypse. Procs with his latest haul....39lb 10oz mirror - this fish has not been out for 3 years - it couldn't resist the Kream Krunch though Procs and 28lb common.... Kream Krunch doing the business again... Daryl Cooper with Beaky at 40lb+.......and 4 back up 30s.....all taken on Squid2t.
INNO-SUMMER-2014-029 INNO-SUMMER-2014-030 INNO-SUMMER-2014-031 INNO-SUMMER-2014-032 Jared "COOPS"   with Baby Ells at 46lb+... on Squid2t
INNO-SUMMER-2014-035 Jared "COOPS"  with Basil at 42lb+ on Squid2T INNO-SUMMER-2014-036 Enterprise Tackles very own Chris Hornsby with a new PB barbel at 13lb 2oz taken on Apocalypse.