Summer 2015

The Summer has arrived and as the warm weather gets the fish feeding the lads and lasses on the Innovate Bait are starting to take some cracking fish. These are from both home and abroad as the Innovate reputation continues spreading across the globe. Be wise get on some yourself!
And Welchy with 2 40s  caught on S2t. The Yateley Split lake record at 44lb 12oz   on cmc jaffa Procs with a lovely common on Kream krunch Coops with his 41lb Lea Valley common S2t Kyle with a 31lb mirror kream krunch
Dave Wiltshire  36lb common kream krunch Danny Teal with a 56lb on s2t Barry Kersey  with a 54lb   s2t Barry Kersey  with a 56lb 1oz  s2t 44lb carp for the 'Boss'..P.N.T pop-up over squid 2t
Jacob 45lb 4oz   S2T Jacob...42lb 8ozs   S2T Darren Howes 40lb+ common  S2T Darren with a 47lb 2oz common...S2T Sam Yaffie 50lb 4 oz on the Kream Krunch
Sam again with a 60lb 8oz whacker on Kream Krunch again... Jared with 2 Lea Pit 30s on Squid 2T. INNO-SUMMER-2015-019 Doug Matthews with an 85  lb plus on Squid 2T....hippo for sure INNO-SUMMER-2015-017