Winter 2012-13

First few frost's herald the Winter season has arrived and its time for those who invested in a baiting campaign to get their rewards as the lighter colours of Summer turn to those gorgeous deep colours that Winter carp so often show as they fatten and put on weight. Its not too late to get in on the joy of a Winter carp or two by getting on a proven quality Winter bait from Innovate.
Guess this shot sets the scene for a Winter Gallery - John Flewin based in Wales had this 33lb 8oz beaut on squid2t in severe frosty conditions! Mark Laurence with Fenland Fisheries ALL GOLD at 38lb plus  taken on S-2T! Mark Laurence with another Fenland 30+...Squid 2T again S2T-winter-promo Innovates Gary Westcott with Sky lakes 40+ in wet and windy conditions on the very productive Kream Krunch
Gary with another Sky lakes 40+ from his catch on Kream Krunch Innovates Steve Slater with one of a run of 30lb  fish to 38lb  from his trip to Sky Lakes, taken again on the unstoppable Kream Krunch Steve with another of his Sky Lakes 30's on Kream Krunch Steve with a Sky Lakes 30lb+ fish on the KK The "B"  fish at 54lb for Martin Aston from Sky Lakes, caught on a trimmed Kream Krunch pop-up over 8 kilos of Kream Krunch.
Innovate Baits consultant Dave Procter doing what he does best... catching all year round when others on his water can't get a bite! a 27lb common on the Kream Krunch B Dave Procter and a 26lb  mirror again on the Kream Krunch B Richie Collins popped across to France with mate Nathan for a long weekend and had a great session in the snow taking a lot of fish including  this 45lb+ on Kream Krunch Nathan with one of his French weekend fish at 41lb+ again taken on the Squid-2T. Santas coming early.....Paul Dyson with an upper 20 on Garlic whites
Innovate consultant Revs with a 41lb plus from his Synicate, first session back after a back opp. Bait kream krunch!!!!! Happy Christmas! Close friend of Innovate... Meaty, with one of a number of carp taken in -5 temps on a recent session... Innovate 365 - PNT Hairaisers and Squid 2T pops doing the business The cold weather doesn't stop the carp nor the anglers on the right baits - Innovate lives up to their 365 brand by producing in sub zero conditions again and again 365 days a year. Pete Housden is having a great run of winter fish..this fish at 32lb plus falling to the Kream Krunch! Pete Housden with a 29lber from the same session, again taken on the Kream Krunch!
Jack De'ath with a 31lb plus fish banked over the Christmas period on Kream Krunch hairaisers from the Linear complex That man REVS is on a Winter roll with 7 fish, a ghostie at 32lb.... on the unstoppable Kream Krunch! and REVS with another 30 plus.. again on the Kream krunch! Revs also banked 5 x 20s in the same session! All on kream krunch! John Flewin managed to bank 4 fish on the S2t including these 2 20lb plus fish from his syndicate venue The Birch in Wales! Not bad considering no one else could get a bite! John Flewin on S2T
John Flewin on S2T John Flewin on S2T Ben Carr with a cracking 20 caught on Kream Krunch......first session!   Lake was half frozen at the time! Another 20 plus for Ben Carr...caught on Kream Krunch in the snow. Testament to kk as a cold water digestable bait, the carp excreted it out on the mat after it was caught.   Bens the only one catching on his syndicate...says it all really! Heres Ben Carr with another cracking winter 20+ taken with 2 upper doubles...on the ultimate winter bait Kream Krunch!
Jared Cooper, a regular Winter winner with a 34lb+ North Met carp on Bananarama pop up over S2T bottoms.