Winter 2013-14

Well that time has come round again, the frost's have arrived and the hardy are already into their Winter campaigns and catching quality fish on a Quality Bait from Innovate - its not too late to get started and get some Winter action too..... visit the Innovate Shop and get some today!
Mark Laurence and ALL-GOLD at a record weight 42lb 12oz on that NOW INFAMOUS Squid-2T The 'boss' gets in on the act with this gorgeous fully scaled mirror on Kream Krunch Jared Cooper's North Met 30.... again caught on the unstoppable Squid-2T Matt Curren with a 33lber taken on the Fix tipped with Banarama Matt Curren again...this time with a 29lber taken on S2T tipped with a our garlic whites!
Nathan Tabor with a 22lb common from his syndicate taken on S2T tipped with a S2T pinky Matt Curren with a lovely 35lb+ taken on Squid-2T Mid-Kent consultant Dave Proctor is having a great run of winter fish on the Kream Krunch, mostly in the upper 20 bracket as these 7 pics show.... INNO-WINTER-2013-009 INNO-WINTER-2013-010
INNO-WINTER-2013-011 INNO-WINTER-2013-012 INNO-WINTER-2013-013 INNO-WINTER-2013-014 Two more canal 20's for Matt Curren who's on a run with the Fix
Matt with second fish on the Fix Tony The Tooth with the awesome "Big Frame" at 38lb taken on Kream Krunch  and another smaller one on same bait. Tony and another smaller one on same bait. Dave Proctor (Procs) with 2 lovely mid 20s taken on Kream Krunch Procs again on S2T
John Flewin with a couple of fish taken on Kream Krunch John Flewin KK again..... Brad Hollidge one of a big hit caught on Kream Krunch S2T Pop-Up....Graig Mournian's first session on the bait....... Dave Proctors latest captures on Kream Krunch....
Dave Proctor - KK again Dave Proctor - KK Dave Proctor - KK Martin with a lovely common taken on Kream Krunch! Innovates Media guru John Flewin with a 21lb mirror,one of 3 fish taken on Banarama pops over Kream Krunch.
John again with a good common  from this trip Dave Proctor with a few nice fish from a haul on the Innovate Baits -  Apocalypse Dave Proctor cracking Winter common again on  -  Apocalypse Dave with another good common... he just keeps on hauling ;-)) The 'Boss' gets out for a few nice fish on a short session on KK
Nice fish for Chris on the KK too Corking winter common Ken Williams with a 41lb + taken on Apocalypse from a private Cambs lake Rich T and 28lb 8oz on NBA pop-up over Kream Krunch Dave Procter again...31lb caught on the Fix