Winter 2014

November arrived and its still so mild, so still plenty of time to get your fish feeding on a Winter special from Innovate..... and its time to get the Innovate Winter gallery organised ready for the photo's of fish taken on one or more of the successful bait recipes from Innovate Baits, both online and from a select network of tackle shops and fisheries across the UK. Get in the action, get on Innovate Baits!
"Coops"  with a 33lb common taken on a NBA popup over KK specials. INNO-WINTER-2014-002 INNO-WINTER-2014-003 Hungarian carper Attila with a 30lb plus mirror taken on Apocalypse John Flewin from Tales Angling Media with a lovely brace 27lb plus and 28lb plus. Taken on S2T pops over Kream Krunch.
INNO-WINTER-2014-008 Top carp catcher 'Procs' first time on the water this year and a nice 24 + common the KK doing the business Nice 24 hour session for Craig Brown 3 fish 17lb, 21lb and 22.8lb all mirrors. Innovate baits doing the business again INNO-WINTER-2014-005 New UK Pb. 34lb on the button. So chuffed with this fish. Once again Innovate Baits Kreme krunch working miracles.
another winter 20 for Coops  on kream krunch Tutti This the best of the 3 fish i had this weekend, 30lb on the nose ..........Kream Krunch again Coops in Christmas spirit Attlia with a scraper 30 on the Apocalypse Slovakian 30+
Here is a 29lb 14oz for Rich Smith...pinky over S2T Jack with couple of nice fish on double 'haiir raisers' INNO-WINTER-2014-022 Procs with a 31lb common on kream krunch Scottie with a 27lb+ from Yateley on kream krunch
Sewelsy with an upper 20 one of 3 taken on kream krunch Revs with a 40lb 2oz stonker caught on the coldest night of year. Kream krunch snowman doing the business!