Winter 2015-16

November arrives and its time to get the Innovate Winter gallery organised ready for the photo's of fish taken on one or more of the successful bait recipes from Innovate Baits, both online and from a select network of tackle shops and fisheries across the UK. Get in the action, get on Innovate Baits!
Procs with a couple of 30s on Kream Krunch INNOVATE-WINTER-2015-006 Some of Rev's super winter catch of 8 fish 5 20's to 28 and a 31-40.2 and a 32 from a 48 hour session starting boxing day....on the Kream Krunch - say no more! INNOVATE-WINTER-2015-002 INNOVATE-WINTER-2015-003
INNOVATE-WINTER-2015-004 A mid 30 common on kream krunch Steve sewel with a couple upper 20s on s2t INNOVATE-WINTER-2015-009 A upper 20 on kream krunch