Base Mix & Bait Making Ingredients

We have selected some of the finest top quality ingredients sourced from around the world so you can produce your own HNV bait.

Acid casein 90 mesh
This ingredient is spray-dried, food-grade casein is a high quality. Being of 90mesh grade, it will enable finished steamies to maintain a semi-soft, moist centre when incorporated into a base mix. This casein has a protein content in excess of 90% and is ideal for use in H.N.V. baits where a high protein content and quality is sought.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 50% of dry mix.


Antarctic Krill
Antarctic krill – a pink fishmeal with a very high nutritional value (improving growth and feed efficiency), with a very strong aroma and course texture, a must for any good quality fish meal base. Krill also increases food palatability and acts as a superb fish attractant with its excellent Amino and Fatty Acid profiles with a protein content of 58%. Its a must have for any angler! This can even be used to make baits buoyant.

Can be used in base mixes at up to 10% of dry mix.


Predigested Soluble fishmeal
Pre-digested fishmeal - enzyme pre-digested fishmeal, possibly one of the best fishmeal’s available with excellent digestibility properties, it is based on a treatment that includes spray drying flash pasteurization.

To get the the best out of this product include at 5% of your basemix!


Blood Powder (Purified)
A highly concentrated blood/haemoglobin powder, which has been screened and purified. With high nutritional qualities and an excellent crude protein value it makes a superb bait ingredient, ideal for binding and hardening whilst giving a dark red/brown finish to baits, awesome for Catfish too..!!

Can be included in base mixes at up to 3 oz/lb.


Calcium Caseinate
This ingredient is the soluble for of lactic casein and is extracted by being treated with an alkaline, calcium salt. This high quality, human food grade milk protein has a protein content in excess of 96% and is another very popular ingredient for base mix inclusion where a HNV bait is required. It is not as 'sticky' as Sodium Caseinate and is a useful addition to high nutritional baits or as a replacement to lactic/rennet caseins. It also has a very good amino acid profile. It has a protein source of 96% and is 5% less dense than caseins. It is possible to use this ingredient in a mix to give a bait neutral buoyancy.

Inclusion levels require careful consideration as Calcium Caseinate is not only soluble but is also very light.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 4oz per lb.


Cola Nut (5% Caffeine)
The Cola nut has a caffeine content twice that of coffee and is one off the most widely eaten food sources in the world.
Containing a essential oil and glucoside/kolanin a heart stimulant.Cola nut also aids digestion and increases energy levels.The list of benefits goes on and on and without doubt this ground cola nut powder is a unique and awesome bait ingredient!


Corn steep Meal (Out Of Stock)
Rich and yeasty in aroma, adds an edge to any base mix, well worth a try when looking for something with a strong overtone.

Include at up to 10% in your basemix!


Cork Dust (For Perfect Pop Ups)
This fine cork dust is ideal for use in conjunction with your own base mix to produce buoyant, critically balanced or reduced density hook baits.

Simply add it to the desired powders at the dry mixing stage before adding eggs and any additives of your choice. Steam the rolled baits for the usual period required for your mix and leave to dry for 48 hours+. As a starting point try using 50:50 (volume not weight)base mix: cork dust in a small batch to test the buoyancy of the resulting baits.


Crunchy Kelp Meal
Crunchy Kelp Meal can be used in base mixes or method mixes to add extra crunch and valuable vitamins (seaweed/kelp is the only non-animal source of Vitamin B12), add to base mixes to give a crunchy texture to baits ... and raising the nutritional quality.

Can be included at up to 10%, depending on other ingredients.


Premier Calf Milk Replacer
A top quality calf milk replacer with a milk protien content in access of 22% and oil content of 18%.This very digestable and palatable product also contains yeast and natural lactic acid and has as a superb amino acid profile.PCMR will add to the binding qualities of any basemix and provide a very high nutritional value!

Can be used at between 10 and 20% of your dry mix!

Innovate Baits ( CLO ) Bird Food Binder
A superbly attractive and functional binder containing egg biscuit,various finely ground crumb and seeds , whole niger seed and a few other goodies and of course infused with cod liver oil.

Inclusion levels, vary depending on other ingredients but anything upto 20%.


Linseed meal (micronized)
When it comes to a cheaper bulking out ingredient you will find it hard to beat linseed meal. The benefits it provides in any HNV bait are pretty impressive.
Superb digestive properties,and containing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids,various vitamins and calcium.
Linseed meal is a must have addition to any basemix!

Can be included in base mixes at up to 20% per kilo dry mix!

LT-94 Fishmeal
Lt-94 - our low temp fishmeal is of the highest quality available and is treated at low temperatures to maintain nutritional qualities and amino acids with a high oil and protein content of above 72%.

We recommend anything up to 40% inclusion.


Maize Meal
Another popular bulk ingredient, Maize Meal is produced by grinding maize less finely than for Maize Flour. Carp seem to love all maize products, and Maize Meal is certainly no exception. As an inexpensive ingredient, it is popular for 'bulking out' baits where long term bait application and digestibility is not of paramount importance. It has very little taste, no smell and is a white and yellow-flecked meal, very commonly used for method mix and ground bait inclusion. It a high carbohydrate at over 80% content, contains protein, essential amino acids and traces of minerals.

Can be included in base mixes up to 6oz per lb.


Maize Flour

Nyger Seed
These contain 40% beneficial oils and 18% protein plus rich in omegas and carbonhydrates. A very attractive addition to any base mix.


Oyster Shell
If you are looking to add 'crunch' to your baits, here's the answer. This fine ground oyster shell can be added into mixes at around 10% to add texture, a 'flecked' appearance and weight to baits when distance is required with a throwing stick. Fine oyster shell is also a valuable source of calcium.


Provimi 66 Fishmeal
With a protien content of around 66% Provimi is a very good quality and reasonably priced fishmeal.Used by most companies it has a good amino acid profile and pungent aroma.

Can be included in basemixes at upto 40-50%.


Rennet casein (out of stock)
This is a very high quality milk protein, offering an extremely good food source in baits. It is produced by an enzyme action (rennet) to precipitate the casein from milk. The advantage of this is that unlike the acid precipitated caseins, the mineral content remains intact. This ingredient has a protein source of over 95% with a high biological value and can be used in up to 50% of a mix. Caseins in a bait will provide a hard and dense bait and there is scientific evidence to suggest that not only do caseins attract carp, but also provide an exceptional food source. Being of 90mesh grade, it will enable finished steamies to maintain a semi-soft, moist centre when incorporated into a base mix. Is excellent for use within buoyant or semi-buoyant baits.


The one and only ROBIN RED,a superb addition to any basemix.Its been around for ages but is still as affective as ever!


Sea Salt (Fine)
Contains natural beneficial mineral salts, essential for a carps life, especially in blood and cell functioning, digestive juice highly regulated in the body. A great natural bait enhancer too!


Sea Salt (course)
Contains natural beneficial mineral salts. A great natural bait enhancer too!


Semolina (Super Fine or Course)
Yellow Semolina – another inexpensive product used by many to aid rolling,firm baits and bulk out basemixes.
Although we use a max 10% in some of our mixes and none at all in others,semo can be included at up to 8oz per lb.


Soya (Full Fat)
Full Fat Soya – high in oils and fats with a vegetable protein content of above 45%, it has excellent binding qualities and has a unique malty aroma, it is inexpensive and can be added to all mixes to aid rolling.

Can be added up to 6oz per lb dry mix.


Maize Gluten Protien (SuperGold 60)
Supergold 60 (Maize protein) is a fine, gritty meal, made from the high protein fraction of maize. It is a very highly digestible source of quality protein that is becoming more and more widely used within the bait and aquaculture industry as a fishmeal-replacing ingredient. With a protein content of 60%, and an energy content of around 20% higher than fish meal, Supergold 60 has a great deal of nutritional value to offer to baits as well as functional and appearance properties. As a bright golden yellow meal, it adds distinctive coloured flecks, as well as a gritty texture and an attractive maize aroma.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 6oz per lb.


Tiger Nut Flour
This fine ground tiger nut flour gives baits a smooth, creamy texture with a distinctive taste that fish love. Suitable for use all year round, Tiger Nut Flour can be incorporated into any mix as a base ingredient, allowing baits to retain moisture through the oil it supplies.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 8oz per lb.


Tuna Meal
This Tuna meal is high quality,inexpensive and a superb addition to any basemix.Inclusion levels can be high on this one and if you like a real fishy kick to your bait then look no further.Protien content of 54% plus on this one!

Inclusion levels can be upto 50% per kilo mix depending on other ingredients.

Vanilla Extract Meal
As a natural ingredient, Vanilla Extract Meal is extremely popular due to its long-term effectiveness as a genuine fish attractor. It effectively compliments other high quality ingredients to produce baits with a superb creamy undertone, that are extremely attractive but sufficiently subtle to go on working over long periods. Vanilla extract meal is very digestible, low oil, with a mildly sweet smell and taste, this meal has been remarkably successful over the past year and has improved catch rates in all seasons.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 4 oz per lb.


Roasted Wheatgerm
If a food source bait is to be seriously considered an all year round fish catcher then it will have Wheatgerm in it,we wont put a bait together without it and along with WPC80 can be found in all our basemixes.
This wheatgerm is of the finest quality available, and will aid digestibility all year round especially in the colder months, helping to digest foods will allow the carp to feed more readily.

A buoyant ingredient use upto 5% of total dry mix!


Whey gel (Out Of Stock)
Whey Gel is a modified whey protein used in the human food industry to replace eggs in food items where strong gelling properties are required. With ever-increasing numbers of anglers experiencing crayfish problems, this ingredient has proven to be invaluable at home and abroad.

With an inclusion level of 1-2oz per lb.


Wheat Gluten
Used to firm and skin baits, a very good ingredient when used for making pastes.


Whey Protein Concentrate 80% ( HIGH GEL )
This 80% protein whey protein powder should not be confused with the lower protein material. It has excellent qualities that aid binding, hardening and adds smoothness to bait that makes rolling very easy. Used in mixes where superior protein quality is required, WPC80 is very effective when used in conjunction with other milk proteins, but is also very effective as a functional bait hardener that adds a valuable milk protein content to fishmeal and bird food baits.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 3oz per lb.


Whey Protein Concentrate 35%

Whole egg powder
Although it doesn't supply the same protein content as egg albumen, many bait buffs believe it is more attractive to carp. In terms of functionality, whole egg powder will firm baits throughout whereas egg albumen will tend to create a tougher skin whilst leaving the centre moist.

Can be used up to 4oz per lb.