Various spices have always been excellent additions to any base mix. Very beneficial to carp in many ways, a must have ingredient in more ways than one. We at Innovate have selected a range of spices that we recommend highly.Each one of our base mixes contains at least one of the spices below if not two or three.

NOTE.... Many spices available today act as a natural preservative. Many of the ready meals found at your local supermarket in the chilled section, contain various spices that prolong there shelf life without the need of extra artificial preservatives. A fact well worth considering when constructing a fresh bait.

Also known as Asafoetida, Devil’s Dung, and Ferula assa-foetida L. Asafoetida is a herb, widely used in Indian cookery and by medical herbalists. Often, it is used in the form of a gum resin, extracted by incising the roots of the plant, which contains a foetid juice. This solidifies to a brownish resin - sometimes with a pinkish tint - to sticky lumps with an acrid, persistent odour, hence the name ‘Devil’s dung’.
Asafoetida is made up of resins (about 40-60%), gum (about 25%), and volatile oil, consisting of polysulphides.

A superbly potent enhancer, inclusion levels can be kept low on this one, up to 1-5% max.


Cayenne pepper
Steroid alkaloids and stimulant properties in this ingredient, make this a very good additive to any base mix.

Inclusion levels up to 5% recommended.

Chilli powder
Over the past couple of years Chilli Powder has become more and more popular as a bait ingredient. Previously used by the carp angler mainly in particle preparations, it has more recently been used to great effect in steamie mixes where a distinctive 'bite' that fish find very attractive is required.

As a natural colourant, Chilli Powder dyes baits orange/brown but will also add valuable vitamins, minerals and a similar, but more powerful, spicy taste and aroma to that which Robin Red is renowned for.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 5% per mix.

Garlic powder
Garlic Powder: If you are looking for a pungent additive to give your baits a kick, then this is for you, pages and pages have been written praising the benefits of garlic within a bait, this product is no exception, very pungent and extremely effective.. More like Garlic "Power" than powder, give it a go..! Excellent used in base and spod mixes.

A very strong spice, inclusion levels at up to 5%.

Ground Aniseed
We cant recommend this ingredient highly enough, fantastic aroma and an instant boost to any base mix. AWESOME fish attracting properties.

Inclusion levels at up 5% of your mix.


Ground Fenugreek
Fenugreek has a strong, pungent aroma and a 'spicy curry-like' flavour, a really interesting additive which combines well with many other additives, we rate Fenugreek very highly indeed. Regulates blood sugar levels, slowing the rate blood sugar levels are absorbed into the carp's body and inducing blood insuli levels to rise when blood sugar levels are elevated. So optimising energy delievery. It is also cholesterol-lowering and has a muscus lining that is an effective laxative. Contains alkaloids and also benfits digestion.

Yet another highly recommended additive. Include at up to 5%.


Mixed Spice
A lovely smelling and top class ingredient, with many beneficial properties. Very different and highly recommended.Mixed spice is a combination of spices that include Cinnamon,Nutmeg and Allspice and is very aromatic!

Inclusion levels can be up to 5% of basemix!

Spanish Paprika
Steriod alkaloid and stimulant properties with this spice, another unsual and different base mix ingredient, and highly affective.

Inclusion levels at up to 5% of your base mix.

Turmeric is widely used in Indian cooking and is sometimes known as the ‘spice of life’. In ancient history, curry powders and spices were used to preserve food, and consequently, studies have revealed that turmeric and it’s derivative curcumin, are potent antioxidants. Well worth using in a base mix.

Inclusion levels at up to 5% of base mix.