Base mix additives

We have selected some of the finest top quality ingredients sourced from around the world so you can produce your own HNV bait. We believe that products such as our GLM and SPIRULENA are of the highest grade available on the market. However we are still able to provide them at a realistic price.


Betaine 98% (SOLD OUT)
Betaine is a superb feeding trigger and attractor, can be included in all baits especially when used in conjunction with GLM. 98% pure and a must when considering making up your own mix!

We advise using equal amounts of betaine to that of your GLM if incorporating the two ingredients.


Brewers Yeast
This excellent attractor is ideal for use in all baits with an aroma that carp can not resist. This can be used with or without adding flavours to the mix and very often producing devastating results.

Can be added up to 10% inclusion.


Beef Booster
When we first recieved a sample of this from abroad we knew this very special palatant was indeed very special. Perfectly suited to basemixes containing meat meals and extracts,however to be honest this product would take any basemix to a new higher level!
Used in the animal feed industry to induce feeding and improve the appetite,this product is a one off!

Add between 2g - 5g per kilo of basemix.

Citric Acid Anhydorus
Used to seriously boost and enhance fruit flavours in your bait.


Corn Steep Liquor Powder
Another impressive feeding trigger and attractor. Rich in free amino acids with a yeasty and meaty aroma.

Recommended inclusion:anything up to 10% inclusion.


Green Lipped Mussel Extract (New Zealand)
PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE not the usual cut-down versions available elsewhere!

GLM or Green Lipped Mussel...What can be said of this all time great highly regarded additive, a real fish puller in every sense of the word. G.L.M is a natural source of Betaine and excellent additive in all fish mixes and can also be used in most base mixes. The taste and smell is superb, well worth a try.

Ideally use at anywhere between 1% - 10% inclusion, quite often worth omitting flavours when using this as an additive to allow the natural goodness and awesome pulling power of this top product to go to work.An outstanding source off protiens,vitamins and trace elements.


Kelp extract
This is an ingredient that has been used by Koi rearers for a very long time. Kelp Powder is the variety of seaweed that is a particularly rich source of minerals, vitamins, salt, and oils, and is known for its high levels of iron and iodine. It provides an abundance of minerals and trace elements, a top quality additive that should not be overlooked.

Can be used at up to 10% inclusion, depending on other ingredients.


Liver Powder Enhancer ( SPECIAL 1 KILO OFFER )
Another superb attractor and feeding stimulant. A superbly strong aroma very digestable and 100% soluble.

High inclusions can be added to suit, but anything up to 10% recomended, due to the incredible richness and aroma.


M.S.G (Monosodium glutamate)
M.S.G is a superbly potent taste enhancer.It is the sodium salt of L-glutamate a key amino component of protien. Will suit any basemix and is very addictive!

Inclusion rates are between 5g and 20g per 6 eggs,mix well untill fully dissolved then add your dry mix!!

Red Fruit (Super Sense)

A superb and super sweet palatant that gives a lovely fruity undertone to any basemix.
This is potent stuff and inclusion levels should be kept to between 2g and 4g per kilo of dry mix!

Spirulina ( Special 1 kg offer )
Spirulina is a blue-green micro algae which grows naturally in lakes and waterways. It is a natural food source for the organisms within inland waters supporting the ever important natural food chain, containing Beta Carotene, an antioxidant which can help fish fight off disease. Containing essential amino acids, which are necessary to the carps diet. With a 70% vegetable protein content and also rich in Iron, Vitamin B12, Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), low oil and fat levels, a truly superior additive that is a must for any bait production.

Inclusion levels are unlimited, but no need to go mad on this one,anything upto 5% will do the job!


Super Cream
Very potent cream palatant which is well suited to Milk based or carrier basemixes,extremely effective with a fantastic aroma!
Blended by ourselves using The awesome Milk B+ , Lactose and Lacto-stim.

Add between 2g - 5g per kilo mix.