Boilies, Steamies, Pop Ups

BOILIES from the Beginning
I suppose if we are being absolutely honest to one of the earliest references to what appears to be the closest link to a boilie, then credit possibly needs to go to Izaak Walton ('The Compleat Angler' 1653) he does give a paste recipe for carp that you should make 'with your hands in front of the fire ... then make into little balls' using:

"flesh of cat or rabbit
flour (preferably bean flour)
wool (for binding)
virgin wax and clarified honey (preservative - 'they will keep all year')"

Thankfully, ingredients are a little more socially acceptable nowadays, although Mr Walton was halfway there with the flour, sugar and honey....

Boilies have been the number one choice of baits for the past thirty years now, easy to produce, easy to get out into the lake and something the carp seems happy to feed on indefinately, plus the variation is immense.

When a carps suck a boilie, the spherical shape allows it to move very fast into their mouths. As mentioned is easy to cast with "catapult "or "throwing stick".

Boilies are simply as it says on the label, boiled baits. Boilies come in a vast array of sizes and shapes to try and fool the wary carp. Boiling baits is a great way of locking in ingredients that will create a hard bait that will not fall off the hair/hook, this is why they were first invented.

However, by nature of the boiling process, there has to be a number of disadvantages: For instance, it is impossible to be consistent with flavour, colour or ingredient loss when boiling, this is why in many instances boilies have to be heavily flavoured, coloured and enhanced which can mean erratic results when fishing with different batches of the same bait.

MAKING STEAMIES-Consistent Results

The steaming process allows for a far more consistent outcome every time because of the way the bait is prepared, much, much lower inclusions of flavours, enhancers, additives and colour are required, higher nutritional value remains within the bait, there is still a degree of loss with steaming, but nowhere near the levels lost during boiling, which has to be an immediate advantage, especially when looking to establish a long term bait, potentially a bait that will never "blow" or go "off the boil", sorry, couldn't resist that..

In our opinion, by steaming our baits we offer an edge because of the subtle cooking process, this in turn helps to provide not just a great bait, but more importantly a valuable food source that will aid the healthy growth of the fish and have them coming back for more, after all, do we not all return to the foods that we enjoy and know is doing us good?.
We all want to use the best bait, and we as a bait company are always striving to provide the best bait range we possibly can.

All of our baits, boilies, pop ups, wafters are steamed for the best results.

Try the test for yourself, cook a vegetable by boiling it first and then cook another version by steaming, you WILL notice the difference, it's a "No Brainer" get on the steamed bait and up your catch rate...!!!

"Steamies" The New Boilie..!