Meet the Innovate Baits Consultants and Field Testers

Meet the team who are helping Innovate Baits develop and test there range of incredible steamed rolled baits,steamies that can catch right from the off on new,old and hard fished waters across the UK and Europe!

With 35 years of fishing behind him its no surprise that "PROCS" has a remarkable carp catching record!
Living and fishing out of Ashford in Kent Dave has a multitude of top class waters to choose from,it was from one of these waters,the mega hard "Conningbrook" that he bagged himself the very sought after and elusive "Fully Scalled" at 36lb 8oz after it had gone missing for 3 years..the bait "S2T"
"PROCS" most recent claim to fame came at another Mid-Kents water while testing the "Reaper" where he banked 2 x 30s,29 x 20s and countless doubles in 4 nights including 14 x 20s in one night..a catch rate unheard of on this water and a record which is unlikely to be broken.

"Ive tested baits for companies such as Nash and Carp Company with reasonable success,however when i switched to Innovate Baits my catch rates went through the roof,simply awesome stuff"..."PROCS".

UK PB..43LB Mirror
FRENCH PB..62LB Mirror
Favourite Bait.."REAPER"
Years Carp Fishing 35

One of our longest serving consultants "REVS" has built up a formidable reputation on some of the toughest lakes in and around Cambridgeshire,cutting his teeth on waters such as St Ives Lagoon and Ferry Lagoon.With over 125 30lb plus fish to his name including the Black Pig at 46lb 6oz from St Ives Lagoon!
REVS most recent fishing has been done on a Cambs syndicate water,it was on this water that he banked himself over 100 20lb plus fish and a shed load of 30s during one season teating the "APOCALYPSE"
A carp catching machine without equal,Revs is also another one of those anglers who will gladly give you some of his bait to help you catch if your struggling,something he has done on a regular basis on his current venue!

"Ive been carping since i was 13 and i can say that "APOCALYPSE" is without doubt the best food source bait i have ever used!"..."REVS"

UK PB 46LB 6OZ (The Black Pig)
Favourite Bait "APOCALYPSE"
Years Carp Fishing 27

Chris is a rare breed amongst carp anglers,apart from being supremely talented Chris will always go out of his way to help and advise other anglers around him if it means they can bank more fish.If he is catching and you are struggling he will give you his bait!
Having forged a reputation on waters such as the Woolpack and the ultra hard Willington where he bagged the first 30lb plus common from the venue Chris is without doubt a master of watercraft and a thinking angler of the highest order!
Over the last couple of years Chris has been targeting the Winters lake at Manor Farm Fisheries and putting the S2t and Fix through there paces,not only has he banked all his target fish at least 2 times over including the lake record, Chris also managed to catch a certain upper 30lb mirror a staggering 10 times in the process,another highlight was his may 2012 trip to Crete Lakes France where Chris banked 31 fish to over 50lb on The FIX,a staggering 25% of all the fish caught that week across the 5 lakes!

" Ive never had so much Confidence in a bait as i do now, pure and simple!"...."CHRIS"

UK PB 40LB 4oz (common)
UK PB 53LB 8oz (mirror)
FRENCH PB 50LB 4oz (mirror)
Years Carp Fishing 30

24 year old Coops forms one half of the dream team,the other half being his brother Daryl,he has also been with Innovate from day 1 and has put all the range through its paces on various big fish waters!
Carping out of Hertfodshire Coops record over the past few years is pretty impressive,another one of those thinking anglers who just turns up and gets on with the job,and in Coops case that is catching most if not all his targets in double quick time and not making a big fuss about it. After doing the business on the Gingerbread lake in Cambs and leaving as top rod 2010 Coops moved on to the tricky North Met with his brother After working hard with there S2T pre-baiting campaign,it was then just a matter of turning up and catching most of the residents,needless to say they double quick time!

"Started using Innovate Baits when they first came on the market,since then ive had some awesome results on a variety of there Steamies,there isnt a week link in any of the range"..."COOPS"

UK PB 41LB 13OZ (mirror)
UK PB 43LB (common)
Favourite Bait "Pinkies"
Years Carp Fishing 8

Based in the London area Tony is one of those rare breed of carp anglers where size of fish does not come in to it!
Preferring to target carp with a bit of history behind them from some of the most tricky waters in and around London.
Confined mostly to short day sessions due to work and family commitments,Tone fulfilled a long term ambition when he bagged "Sally" the second oldest carp in the country,at 60 years old this carp is a truly memorable catch and cemented Tones place in local angling folklore!
Preferring to shun the limelight and do his own thing Tones attitude to carp fishing should be an inspiration to any up and coming anglers!

UK PB 38LB 9oz



Based in Bedfordshire Mark has a more than impressive track record when it comes to targeting big UK carp!
With a good number of English 40s under his belt Mark rarely fails to catch his target fish on any of the waters he fishes.



Steve or Sewelsy as we like to call him is based on the Essex/Cambs border. Although a keen rugby player in the past Steve prefers to spend his time on one of the several lakes he targets through-out the year. With over 20 years of carping knowledge behind him Sewelsy certainly knows how to extract the larger fish on whatever water he is fishing.
Determination and persistance are the qualities that make Sewelsy the angler he is today,and of course knowing a good bait when he sees it!

"Been switching my baits around for years,until i got on the "S2T" now my catch rates and confidence have soared,an awesome bsit"...."SEWELSY"

UK PB 40LB 4OZ (mirror)
French PB 47LB (mirror)
Favourite Bait "S2T"
Years Carp Fishing 22


As the second half of the Cooper dream team 26 year old Daryl is another one of those carpers who has the uncanny knack of catching big target fish quickly,this was highlighted on the North Met where he bagged the biggest resident after a couple of sessions.
Daryl,as with his brother Jared will always put in plenty of hard work when it comes to his carp fishing,travelling back and forth pre-baiting and chucking the marker float about,plenty of preperation before he considers dipping a baited rig in the lake is Daryls key to success!

"Got on to Innovate out the blue really,had run out of my usual bait so nipped down the local shop and picked up a kilo of Kream Krunch,straight down my local lake where everyone had been blanking in the snow,ended up having 4 to upper 20s,havnt looked back since"..."DARYL"

UK PB 45LB (Mirror)
Favourite Bait "S2T"
Years Carp Fishing 15

Kerry is relatively new to carp fishing however she already has a superb portfolio of speciman carp with many mirrors and commons to 30+.2011 was a great year for Kerry with many of her captures featured in the angling press and an impressive array of prizes to back it up.

"After switching to Innovate i have beaten my UK PB Common UK PB Mirror and French PB,all in 1 year..nuff said!".."KERRY"

UK PB 38LB Mirror
Favourite Bait "FIX"
Years carp fishing 4

Joe is based in Cambridgeshire and after an ultra successfull 2011 on his Bedfordshire syndicate is now turning his attentions to Gingerbread lake in the hope of bagging himself a couple of 40s!.
Joe is a weekend carper due to a busy work life and as with partner Kerry can only fish when the lakes are at there most pressured,however this hasnt stopped them from catching huge amounts of carp. A willingness to change things about or move on to fish gives Joe the edge over the average weekend carper!

"Since ive been testing for Innovate my carp fishing seems to have gone to the next level,and as with my partner Kerry i have improved on all my PBs".."JOE"

Favourite Bait "FIX"
Years Carp Fishing 20