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Full Fat Soya Flour
 (vote(s): 22)
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Full Fat Soya Flour more info...

Shipping freight: £1.00
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Full Fat Soya ? high in oils and fats with a vegetable protein content of above 45%, it has excellent binding qualities and has a unique malty aroma, it is inexpensive and can be added to all mixes to aid rolling. Although we only use between 10% and 20% in our base mixes.

Supergold 60
 (vote(s): 72)
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Supergold 60 more info...

Shipping freight: £1.00
Final price:
Supergold 60 (Maize protein) is a fine, gritty meal, made from the high protein fraction of maize. It is a very highly digestible source of quality protein that is becoming more and more widely used within the bait and aquaculture industry as a fishmeal-replacing ingredient. With a protein content of 60%, and an energy content of around 20% higher than fish meal, Supergold 60 has a great deal of nutritional value to offer to baits as well as functional and appearance properties. As a bright golden yellow meal, it adds distinctive coloured flecks, as well as a gritty texture and an attractive maize aroma. Can be included in base mixes at up to 6oz per lb.

Tiger nut flour
 (vote(s): 90)
Tiger nut flour more info...

Final price:
This fine ground tiger nut flour gives baits a smooth, creamy texture with a distinctive taste that fish love. Suitable for use all year round, Tiger Nut Flour can be incorporated into any mix as a base ingredient, allowing baits to retain moisture through the oil it supplies.

Roasted Wheatgerm
 (vote(s): 8)
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Roasted Wheatgerm more info...

Shipping freight: £1.00
Final price:
This wheatgerm is of the finest quality available, and will aid digestibility all year round especially in the colder months, helping to digest foods will allow the carp to feed more readily. A buoyant ingredient use no more than 4oz per lb.

Wheat gluten
 (vote(s): 27)
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Wheat gluten more info...

Final price:
Used to firm and skin baits, a very good ingredient when used for making pastes.

Whey protein Concentrate 80%
 (vote(s): 27)
Whey protein Concentrate 80% more info...

Final price:
This 80% protein whey protein powder should not be confused with the lower protein material. It has excellent qualities that aid binding, hardening and adds smoothness to bait that makes rolling very easy. Used in mixes where superior protein quality is required, WPC80 is very effective when used in conjunction with other milk proteins, but is also very effective as a functional bait hardener that adds a valuable milk protein content to fishmeal and bird food baits. Can be included in base mixes at up to 3oz per lb.

Whole Egg Powder
 (vote(s): 18)
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Whole Egg Powder more info...

Shipping freight: £1.00
Final price:
Although it doesn't supply the same protein content as egg albumen, many bait buffs believe it is more attractive to carp. In terms of functionality, whole egg powder will firm baits throughout whereas egg albumen will tend to create a tougher skin whilst leaving the centre moist. Can be used up to 4oz per lb.

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