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Liver liquid
 (vote(s): 8)
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Liver liquid more info...

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This rich, smooth natural liver extract is a very special fish attractor and has become a huge favourite for many bait makers throughout the UK and Europe since we released it in 2005. Whilst several different forms of liver products have been used in the production of carp bait over the past 20 years, this sensational, gravy-like compound is undoubtedly the most rounded liquid liver product we have ever seen. It is very versatile, being suitable for use with pellets, particles, spod, stick, method and steamie mixes and adds an almost sweet-meat, 'cat food' type aroma to baits when applied at high levels or used as a neat bait soak. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.

Liquid preservative IB
 (vote(s): 12)
Liquid preservative IB more info...

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High Concentrate Stick Juice
 (vote(s): 4)
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High concentrate stick juice to match the 365 Range

Minamino (original)
 (vote(s): 58)
Minamino (original) more info...

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This highly regarded product made from liquid liver contains a whole range of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals as well as a high percentage of Sugar, with a subtle raspberry flavour that makes it instantly recognisable. The Balance must be perfect for the carp, considering the amazing amount of fish that have been caught when using Minamino over the years. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful, non-oil based liquid bait additives ever used in the bait industry. As well as being a rich source of valuable nutrients, it has an extremely attractive aroma and taste that enhances all kinds of baits, from steamie mixes, stick mixes (doesn't melt P.V.A), ground baits and particles. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.

Winterised salmon Oil
 (vote(s): 41)
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Winterised salmon Oil more info...

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This Salmon Oil has been winterised to ensure its effectiveness at all times throughout the year. This has significant benefits over non-winterised Salmon Oil, even in warm water conditions. As well as being a recognised supplier of Omega 3 and 6 oils, Salmon oil is also a concentrated source of energy with powerful antioxidant and natural attraction properties that improves the appeal of baits as well as being of significant nutritional value to fish. Being oil, it won't melt P.V.A materials and is ideal for use within stick mixes and P.V.A. bags as well as being a great addition to pellet, particle and spod mixes. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.

Liquid sweetner saccharin 10%
 (vote(s): 13)
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Liquid sweetner saccharin 10% more info...

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This can be use to sweeten any bait!

Liquid Molassess (Treated)
 (vote(s): 44)
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Liquid Molassess (Treated) more info...

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Liquid Molassess (Treated),thick sweet black,syrup,sugar,naturally sweet, slightly liquorice-smellimg, palatability improver,enhanced,method,stick,spod mixes,steamie mixes.

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